PUFFS are the native tokens used within the PUFFScoin blockchain top-layer ecosystem. It is primarily used to pay for computational processing within the EVM, from simple value transactions to contract deployment and interaction costs, which is done indirectly by purchasing the cryptofuel “gas” with PUFFS. The PUFFS that are collected via user interaction with the PUFFScoin network will be channeled into a community-governed multi-sig wallet called the Veterans Endowment Fund, which will be used to provide access to no-cost medicinal cannabis for veterans and first responders through strategic partnerships with dispensaries and producers.

PUFFScoin was established to act as an independent programmable blockchain with ongoing distributed application development for the cannabis industry, and functions as a product of The Leafy Cauldron Apothecary, a registered partnership within Nova Scotia, Canada. Blockchain technology, a public distributed ledger, is a distinctly appropriate technology for the medical and recreational cannabis industry. Challenges remain ,even with full legal recognition in Canada, for cannabis producers, retailers and other industry professional to participate in full banking services as many banks have prohibitions on doing business with any entity associated with cannabis in any form. Although this attitude is changing, many operators within the cannabis industry are forced to do business on a cash-only basis. Further, where legal status has been achieved, industry-wide issues remain with multiple supply-chains that do not communicate with one another, and a resistance against not-for-profit cannabis rights groups to get funding for their projects.

Similarly, a dis-equity has been produced, through governmental action here in Canada, that was truly the nascent moment of idea for this project. Medical cannabis has been shown, anecdotally and through controlled study, to be beneficial in the treatment of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). The Federal Government of Canada initially provided funding for veterans to cover the cost of medical cannabis therapy, but then back-pedaled and reduced the allowable covered prescription costs for veterans to what was a small portion of what many were receiving in compensation. It was akin to giving veterans a Scooby-Doo bandage for a sucking chest wound. Veterans Affairs and the federal government have allowed for “Exceptional Circumstances” to be allowed in certain cases, leaving veterans plowing through yet more bureaucracy to get back what was rightfully theirs. In many communities, the clawback proved tragic. In America, veterans are confounded by varying State laws, and a complete lack of cooperation within their Veterans bureaucracy.

PUFFScoin aims to solve these problems with the implementation of distributed applications; by producing an incentivized seed-to-smoke supply chain management framework; by working with veterans groups, cannabis rights and research consortiums, et cetera to deliver and support customized sub-currencies with user utility; and by focusing our core ambition towards providing military veterans, first responders, law enforcement and search-and-rescue personnel with no-cost cannabis and to fund recovery programs geared towards those afflicted with PTSD. We will step in where the government has failed those who gave everything.

We aim to connect the global cannabis industry together, from producer to participant, to heal the wounded.

PUFFScoin is an independent cryptocurrency project which features a programmable layer built atop the blockchain, constructed as a self-determined analog of Ethereum, concentrating towards providing decentralized services to the overall cannabis industry and user base through smart contract suites. While most cryptocurrencies operate within a narrow set of pre-defined operations, such as value transactions, PUFFScoin permits users to design and deploy their own applications using smart contracts as elaborate and complex as they are inclined to. Along these lines, the PuffsNet provides an ideal setting for a vast divergence of decentralized applications (dApps), including other cryptocurrencies, decentralized governance projects, decentralized news and media, censorship free social media hubs (BongGoggles), identity services, distributed storage, and more .

PUFFScoin, in its most precise definition, specifies the suite of protocols which compose the distributed platform hosting the dApps, referred to as the EVM (“Ethereum Virtual Machine”) The EVM stores and executes code of ‘subjective computational complexity’. The PUFFScoin blockchain is considered “Turing complete”, that is, computationally universal — developers may compose and extend dApps that run on the PuffsNet using specialized programming languages (such as Go and Serpent) that are modeled on existing languages such as JavaScript and Python. A majority of projects being developed on this platform are open source, and many can be adapted to multiple use cases.

Similar to any cryptocurrency, PUFFScoin is built around a peer-to-peer network protocol, establishing a blockchain database whose state consensus is amended and immortalized by the group of active nodes connected to the network, each represented by a fully-participatory end user’s wallet client, gpuffs. Every active node connected to the PuffsNet system maintains this network state, runs the EVM and executes the same instructions. Accordingly, PUFFScoin is a cryptographically secured store of value as well as a pseudo-synthetic colossal “global computer”.

Although the massive parallelization of computational work comparably processed across the entire PUFFScoin network does not make actual computation more efficient, the decentralized unanimity of chain state allows for this computational service to be done in a trustless fashion, executing exactly each and every time. In fact, this process makes computation on PUFFScoin far slower and more expensive than on a traditional “computer”. Rather, every PuffsNet node runs the EVM in order to maintain consensus across the blockchain. Decentralized consensus gives PUFFScoin consummative fault tolerance, ensures zero downtime, confers a perpetuity for stored data, and provides an immutable and censorship-resistant user-controlled economic environment.

The PUFFScoin platform itself, beyond the consensus engine which provides for block creation and transaction verification, is an indeterminate or value-agnostic state. Entrepreneurs and developers must decide what it should be used for, what to build upon it. The PuffsCoin Core Development Group will continually upgrade and advance the underlying protocols when improvements are made available and will deploy and maintain the essential architecture and smart contract suites that will enable developers to scale larger and more complex applications and services. The PuffsCoin Core will also actively investigate, adapt and experiment with open source projects and applications that would have a suitable purposability for the cannabis industry end-user.