“Green Dragon” by Rebecca Magar. Used with permission.

The Leafy Cauldron Apothecary will commence retail operations acting as a primary provider for medical cannabis for Canadian clients holding a valid prescription and is currently establishing the full range of ACMPR licensing (Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations) through the federal government of Canada. We will provide these services initially through online sales and mail-order services. Our goal is, with the evolution of federal and provincial regulations surrounding legalized cannabis in Canada, to provide direct cannabis sales to adults through our storefront location alongside our selection of glassware, accessories, and books. Nova Scotia, the home province of PUFFScoin and The Leafy Cauldron,  has proposed its regulations regarding recreational cannabis sales when legislation is enshrined nationally to legalize its use, and we will work within this framework to provide services and products to our clients.

PUFFSoin is a product of the Leafy Cauldron, and we will be working towards an absolute integration between the blockchain and full day-to-day dispensary operations. We plan on presenting the framework for other dispensaries to adopt the blockchain for use within their businesses, with establishment within the PuffsNet resident supply chain application, Provenance. Our online storefront, at, will provide not only a secure area for medical cannabis sales and service, but a full range of pipes, glassware, accessories and other legal ethneobotanicals. Our business plan is to move towards a bricks-and-mortar storefront, with attendant industry application needs such as cannabinoid and residual product testing, low-income and veteran support policies, and other community oriented programming geared towards veterans and first responder treatment for PTSD.

We chose, very early on, to adapt the payment structure and security of a cryptocurrency blockchain to provide a more efficient business operations model for our dispensary, but in doing so, we also dedicated the project to also produce a lasting and resounding philanthropic action. We will use a hard-coded fund within our protocols with community governance to provide real support to Canadian Veterans and first responders, by supplying medical cannabis needed to maintain a quality of life, beyond the limited scope of subsidization performed by Veterans Affairs or via private insurance policies. Our ambition is to provide usability and relevance to the cryptocurrency and the cannabis industry through innovative distributed applications and blockchain resident projects. As we provide utility and application, we will help raise the intrinsic market value of PUFFS, allowing us to eventually supply every single Veteran and first responder with the necessary medicinal cannabis they need to more fully reintegrate and participate in civilian life.

The Leafy Cauldron Apothecary is a registered Partnership in the Province of Nova Scotia and is owned and managed in equal part by Abvhiael Stuart, Andrew Kostiuk, Mitchel Jamieson and Mitchell Dassonville. Our intention is to produce a fusion of private retail and distributed applications, to create the benchmark for cannabis transparency and dispensary operations.



The Leafy Cauldron Apothecary will conduct retail business as primarily an online market with an adjunct retail storefront service. Our primary retail product will be medicinal cannabis, sold to verified users holding valid prescriptions. We will also sell, generally, accessories and other goods through our retail conduits. The online market will be launched May 2018, and the storefront will be opened following appropriate licensing and renovations to the retail location are completed, with a projection for the public opening by August 2018. Our cryptocurrency product, PUFFScoin, will be integrated into every operation of the dispensaries day-to-day business.

Sales of cannabis to recreational users following the enshrinement of federal legislation will be supplementary to appropriate provincial licensing. We will, however, offer consultations with clients regarding their medical cannabis requirements on-site when they have registered with us the appropriate documentation from licensed physicians. All sales of medical cannabis will be done through delivery.

The Leafy Cauldron will also offer, with general accessability, smoking accessories, books on a wide range of subjects including alternative medicine and science, essential oils, vape pens and e-juices, and a wide array of locally produced products including Nova Scotia-made briar pipes, clay pipes, and blown-glass wares. We plan to showcase Nova Scotia artists and have plans for gallery space within our retail location. When regulatory conditions evolve, we will also sell cannabis-infused edibles. Our retail location has an industrial kitchen on premises and we hope to eventually produce and serve a wide menu of comestibles. We will also use this space to manufacture cannabis-infused products for packaged retail sales.

Furthermore, at our facility, we have set aside ample space towards a dedicated full-service cannabis laboratory, the first of its kind in Atlantic Canada. For our own products, and as a service available to local growers and secondary manufacturers, we will use this space to measure for strain potency and safety of cannabis products for public consumption, as well as for all cannabinoid infused products and medicines. We will provide characterization and potency analysis, heavy metal screening, microbiological and mycotoxin screening, pesticide and herbicide screening, and residual solvent screening. Cannabis production and post-production companies who wish to have their products sold through the Leafy Cauldron will require having their products tested or to provide the test results provided by other labs before we will provide them for public sale. Appended to this laboratory space, The Leafy Cauldron will have dedicated equipment and space committed towards extraction processing, generating our own brand of cannabis concentrates such as shatter, hashish, wax and live resin.

Rules regarding export to other federal jurisdictions for medical and/or recreational use have not been finalized, but we will also be observing the evolution of legislative regulations within the international cannabis market very closely, in the hopes to establish markets with other territories where recreational cannabis enjoys full legal status nationally (such as Spain, Finland, Germany, Colombia, and Uruguay) At present, we will only ship medical cannabis to Canadian citizens, with prescriptive proof and registration. As statutes and regulations are codified, we will increase the range of shipping we will engage in, although accessories and other products available from the Leafy Cauldron Apothecary will be available for worldwide shipping, where local conditions permit.

The Leafy Cauldron Apothecary storefront will be located within the Cape Breton Regional Municipality, on Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia. Until a bricks-and-mortar store has opened, we will operate as an online entity at

We are currently looking at several locations that will allow us to offer other services alongside our dispensary/smoke shop. We already have interest to host a tattoo studio and a yoga studio on premises. Our aim is to build towards full legal status and a competitive private marketplace for cannabis across Canada.



The Signatory Partners of The Leafy Cauldron Apothecary will be intimately involved with the day-to-day operations of the business.

Abvhiael Stuart will operate as President and the Chief Executive Officer of the business; guiding the overall strategic direction of the project and managing the development of the proprietary PUFFScoin cryptocurrency protocols and dApp development. As a veteran with first-hand eperience dealing with wartime PTSD, Mr. Stuart has a specific interest in assisting other veterans and first responders. Mr. Stuart has a degree in Anthropology from the University of Calgary, and has owned and successfully operated several retail outlets – a new age bookstore and a small market cafe – as well as previously worked as the core developer on the cryptocurrency projects SOILcoin and GAY Money. He is also well-known for his work as a trail-guide and photographer ( and has served for over a decade as a volunteer with Nova Scotia Ground Search and Rescue. He has over 5 years direct experience working within the nascent cryptocurrency industry and is a self-confessed cryptocurrency maximalist and futurist.

Andrew Kostiuk will function as Senior Vice-President and the Chief of Business Operations and Financial Officer of the project; overseeing the overall day-to-day operations of the business as well as keeping track revenues and expenses, taxes and budget, investments and operating costs. Mr. Kostiuk has a degree in Stationary Engineering from the Confederation College in Thunder Bay, Ontario, and has acted as vice-president for the Steelworkers Local #8929 (Kimberley, BC) hand currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Nova Scotians for Equity Fairness organization. He has operated as a private residential contractor for over 20 years, accruing a reputation for his strong attention to detail and superior craftsmanship.

Mitchel Jamieson will act as the Chief Information and Technology Officer of the business; in charge of information technology and the systems needed to support the company in achieving its goals, assisting directly in the development and implementation of the PUFFScoin cryptocurrency protocols and offered application services , operating the online web spaces and serving as manager of the retail space. Mr. Jamieson studied Software Engineering at Mohawk College (Hamilton, Ontario) and acts as a tae-kwon-do instructor for the Island Martial Arts Center. Mr. Jamieson possesses a Masters Cannabis degree from CTU and has a significant understanding regarding the effects of differing strains of cannabis for different ailments, as well as the products’ neuro-affective probabilities.

Mitchell Dassonville will act as the Chief Administrative and Marketing Officer of the business; maintaining the Human Resources departments as well as developing marketing strategies, budgets, promotion, development, packaging, and positioning of products and services. Mr. Dassonville will also serve as manager of the retail storefront. Mr. Dassonville was worked in supervisory capacities in the oil industry in Alberta and customer service providers.

The Leafy Cauldron Apothecary will also hire several full and part-time employees, subsidizing them for certification in the cannabis retail industry. Several employment opportunities will exist, as we will be filling vacancies for budtenders, edibles and infused product production, trimmers, grow workers, packaging and shipping, extraction technicians, laboratory operators with experience in chromatography, security, event planners, delivery drivers and cannabis educators. Our online presences will also require expansion with the hiring of graphics artists, programmers, website administrators, social media managers as well as online and telephone customer service.

The Leafy Cauldron will offer competitive pricing for medical cannabis products. Although taxation schemes have not been set prior to the legalization process throughout the nation, several provincial jurisdictions have set their rates for recreational cannabis pricing to approximately CDN$10/gram. The national average hovers at about CDN$6.75/gram and we would like to improve upon that. The federal government has already announced the higher of a CDN$1/gram or 10 per cent of the final retail price excise tax upon cannabis sales as well as national or harmonized provincial sales taxes. We agree that the “black market” cannabis sales need to be put out of business through competitive pricing. We feel that responsible product sales must include verifiable potency and residual testing results, as well as competent consultative services alongside lower prices than street-level dealers provide, will help push illicit dealers out of business and create similar restrictions and reduction in underage cannabis use.

The federal government has announced that both medicinal and recreational cannabis will be subject to these taxes, and we at the Leafy Cauldron Apothecary wholeheartedly disagree with that decision. We will use our position as industry leaders to advocate for sensible and competitive regulations in Nova Scotia as well as lend our voices to cannabis legalization worldwide.

Payment Options

At The Leafy Cauldron, our payment policy will be as inclusive as possible, we are quite aware that different people prefer different payment options as it suits them. We will work to encourage customers to utilize our proprietary crytpocurrency PUFFScoin for its whole ease of use, and protection from fraudulent double-spending attempts. We will naturally accept other payment options that will be available in all of our outlets;

* Payment via proprietary cryptocurrency
* Payment by cash
* Payment via Point of Sale (POS) Machine
* Payment via online email bank transfer (online payment portal)
* Payment via other cryptocurrencies (exchanged into PUFFScoin)
* Payment via tradional credit services (Visa, Mastercard, Discovery)

In light of the above, we will be utilizing cryptocurrency-friendly banking and eCommerce platform integrations with our online presence that will help us achieve our transactions with minimal issue. We will be hosting a Bitcoin ATM at our storefront premises as well.

We hope to make accessing PUFFScoin as simple and convenient as possible for our clients and customers. We will host a proprietary cryptocurrency exchange with PUFFScoin the base trading currency directly paired against other altcoins and fiat currencies, as well as a decentralized exchange, focused on sub-currencies resident on the PUFFScoin blockchain as well as direct relays to major altcoins. We will host to facilitate direct peer-to-peer exchange with escrow services for those that wish to use etransfers and other third-party financial amenities (cash deposit, PayPal, OKPay. Skrill, etc).

Our project focus is to build direct support for charitable causes in the cannabis and veterans support areas. Beyond providing medical cannabis to veterans and first responders, the Leafy Cauldron will be at the forefront helping the uninsured and the poor in accessing medical cannabis where the social safety net fails those individuals. We will offer subsidized costs to as many people who require this and will make sure that we cost these actions directly to the federal and provincial governments.

The Leafy Cauldron will offer unparalleled customer service, with a well trained and certified workforce, with respect to each area of the industry with which we engage.  Members of our executive have Masters Cannabis certification through CTU, and we will ensure our budtenders, concentrate makers, and all levels of public interaction at the dispensary pre-eminently value the one-on-one relationships with our customers above everything else.

We will engage in swift response to customer inquiries, offering live chat and immediate on-site telephone support. During normal business operating hours, we will establish a maximum response time of 60 minutes for email, endeavoring to solve all our client’s issues upon first contact.  We will insist upon unimpeachable standards of accuracy, warranting that clients are well-educated regarding our products and procedures, and ensuring that they get the correct and accurate answers to the questions they have. We will strive to build a proactively accessible presence making it as easy as possible for customers to contact us, expecting to speak with a knowledgeable and professional person on the other end of the line. Our customer service agents will strive to consistently be the one and only representative a customer needs to speak to have their issues addressed fully, and we promise to never require clients to wade through confusing subdirectories of menus and queued wait time to speak to a representative.

We will scale our infrastructure as quickly as necessary to provide this level of customer service excellence on a 24-hour/7-day basis.

The Leafy Cauldron Apothecary, as well as our cryptocurrency project PUFFScoin, will be administered in a fully transparent fashion, with publicly scrutinizable blockchain ledgers, publicly addressed developers reserves and a consistency towards the development of decentralized community governance assisting dApp projects and core protocol improvement.

Our vision is to become the premier cryptocurrency brand used in the cannabis industry, and to have our blockchain resident dispensary applications become the standard operating system for that trade. We plan on scaling operations further through franchising the Leafy Cauldron brand and style. We will develop and market cannabis concentrates and infused products, relying on locally sourced material as much as possible, creating a recognizable multinational brand.

Integral to the operation of The Leafy Cauldron, our flagship product, the cryptocurrency blockchain PUFFScoin will be fully interrelated to the accounting, client records and stock management needs of the dispensary. The Company will accept PUFFScoin both online and in-store, at a fair market exchange, for goods and services available at The Leafy Cauldron. We will also accept other crypto-cannabis digital currencies at The Leafy Cauldron, exchanging them automatically for PUFFScoin.

The Leafy Cauldron Apothecary will govern a contract wallet on the PUFFScoin blockchain which will receive 500,000 PUFFS. The Leafy Cauldron will use this fund to exchange alternate crypto-currencies, fiat and other payment forms into our ledger-specific currency. Reserves of cryptocurrencies accrued in this manner will be sold on the market or held as passive income generation, depending upon the governing protocols of each project. Funds earned in this procedure will be used to purchase PUFFScoin from open market exchanges against the market sell wall to replenish the Cauldron contract wallet to the 500,000 PUFFS balance on a daily basis to ensure liquidity at the Leafy Cauldron and on the exchange markets.

Our online services will include a variety of decentralized applications deployed on the PUFFScoin blockchain. We have also prepared ourselves to offer a proprietary cryptocurrency exchange featuring PUFFS pairings with major cryptocurrencies, and a dedicated listing support for third-party altcoin projects that follow a dedication to cannabis, a humanitarian polemic or satisfy some other method of societal betterment.

We are actively working on decentralized applications to offer a wide range of services running on the PUFFScoin blockchain, including a seed-to-smoke open supply-chain tracking and management system, a “420-friendly” dating app, a VR-immersive 3D user-controlled virtual world, crypto-collectible applications, genetic registries and more.

We are also vigorously developing on-chain sub-currencies that will provide passive funding to cannabis-related non-profits, while also providing utility for those projects to ensure longevity. To date we have two subcurrency projects prepared for public deployment with sponsorships towards specific Canadian and American veterans support organizations. We look forward to partnering with other veterans, first repsponder and PTSD support groups to see how we can utilize blockchain technology to further their mission statements.

Our core protocols also permit us to provide a full suite of generally used web services, in a purely decentralized manner. Email, serverless web hosting, text messaging and social network applications will all be built into the PUFFScoin community services.